An ESOP company itself, AQP is well aware of the many sensitive and complex issues associated with ESOPs.

It is not easy to get a handle on every administrative detail involving ESOPs. Sometimes they can be complex and confusing, for this reason ESOPs demand specialized ESOP service providers such as AQP.

Simple and cost-effective
recordkeeping services
for your ESOP.


ESOPs can be inherently confusing and guiding you and your Company through the process of administering your ESOP can be complicated. But we have worked hard to simplify that process, helping you find the highest quality recordkeeping at the most cost-effective price. As your ESOP administrator, efficiency and accuracy is the key to your success. That�s why we�ve made things easier by combining our expertise with an acute understanding of your needs, helping you and your ESOP succeed. And no other ESOP firm is more comprehensive and cost-effective than AQP.

All of the following services have always been and will continue to be, supported and developed by AQP's internal in-house IT staff. We have always operated and maintained our own proprietary software designed specifically for ESOP administration. In the early eighties, that software ran on Apple IIs and Compaq Deskpros, today it is a rack of servers consisting of IBM, Sun, Cisco and Apple. We have always been excited about new web technologies especially those which can better support, manage and maintain your ESOP.

Whether you have fifty or a thousand participants, we are equally committed to giving you the same level of accurate and timely service. AQP will coordinate with all parties involved in your ESOP. These include your trustee, CPA, ESOP valuation firm, HR staff, and attorney.

  • Track multiple classes of stock and IRC Section 1042 stock sales
  • Track loan repayments through employer contributions and dividends
  • Determine the shares of ESOP stock to be released from a suspense account
  • Redistribute and recycle internal stock repurchases
  • Monitor, process and report ESOP diversification requirements
  • Ensure compliance with Internal Revenue Code requirements peculiar to ESOPs
  • Prepare a comprehensive Allocation Report for management detailing all ESOP activity
  • Prepare individual custom statements for each participant
  • Perform extensive compliance testing (e.g. 409(p), 415, top-heavy, required minimum distributions, etc.)
  • Prepare government filings including: IRS Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report
  • Distribution processing and 1099R tax reporting
  • Assist in plan and governmental audits
  • Reconcile trust accounts and apply applicable earnings, realized and unrealized

As far as redundancy, security and backup, all mission critical servers are located in two distinct geographic colocation facilities in California and Montana. Your sensitive ESOP data is protected by the latest encryption and premise security. All data is archived nightly to EMC.

Of course, you as a client have secure 24x7 access to all your data, reports and plan information. We are proud to be a leader in implementing the newest technology in ESOP administration. AQP constantly welcomes and supports new development ideas, unique reporting requirements and extensive data tracking.

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